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  • Jon Ellis


Growth is the purpose of all existence. All experiences, all actions, regardless of their outcome, facilitate growth, even if they outwardly appear otherwise. This is how soul learns and grows. Like spiritual alchemy and invention, growth, when viewed through the lens of soul, is an endless process of expansion, experimentation, of trial and error and subtle course corrections. There are no mistakes, no accidents, and no coincidences. We seekers of the higher truth, in search of the illusive answers to the eternal questions, call out to the universe or to some concept of our Creator asking, “Who am I?”, “Why am I?”, and “Where do I come from?”.

For lifetimes, we have fruitlessly sought these answers outwardly, relentlessly driving ourselves, chasing truth to distant shores in far-off remote places, through harsh austere practices and disciplines. The myriad of spiritual paths and directional choices winding through the dense forest of life, can be overwhelming. It is easy to become confused, disoriented and lost. We may even give up for a time. It is only when all seems hopeless, when we cry out to the universe for truth and understanding, by grace, truth will come. Only then can we hear our unerring inner spirit guide whisper in the wind reminding us to be still and to focus our attention to the temple within; for truth is found in our subjective world, never in the outer. On the inner, in our dreams, we will find that our guide has been patiently waiting for us to awake.

If we do choose to follow, we will soon realize that our physical bodies, though healthy and strong, are not who we truly are, our physical house, though comfortable, not our true home. We are Soul, a divine spark of God, so fill our hearts with joy and love, then be still and listen for the sound behind all sounds. If we are sincere, humble, and ask to be shown truth, when we are ready, know that it will come for us like a great wave to light our path and carry us back to the center. It isn’t necessary or possible to see our whole path forward at once, we need only trust and see the next stepping stone on which we must tread!

May the Blessings Be!

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