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  • Jon Ellis

STRUGGLE - The Art Of Letting Go

In this world, we are trained from birth, that to have a successful and productive life, we must pursue, push, struggle, and use all of our will power and might as a battering ram against the door of life. Many are lured by the fantasy that by applying force to nature, and driving ourselves past the point of exhaustion, we will finally be worthy of achieving some semblance of security and control over our domain. But with our heads down, we inevitably push past happiness, straight into the arms of disappointment, frustration, and exhaustion. Through lifetimes of overtaxing our minds and bodies, the very act of struggling has become ‘normal’ and a righteous way of life. In our mad misdirected dash to attain what we think we must have in order to keep ourselves and our families safe and satisfied, we often lose sight of, not only our way, but the very purpose of Soul’s existence here, to be loving and grateful.

The source of all stress and dissatisfaction lies in ignorance and or distrust of the Universe. Struggling is similar to the efforts of drowning man who fights to keep his nose above water. If he would but relax, with a calm grace, he would gently and effortlessly rise to the surface to be supported and nourished by the Creator. Instead, feeling alone and fraught with fear, he blindly thrashes about depleting every last drop of energy, until his expectation of sinking into the abyss is met. Whether we are desperate in mind just trying to survive, or mercilessly driving ourselves toward some grand geopolitical or materialistic pursuit, those wrapped in the human state of consciousness, overlook life’s most basic underlying operational principle. That regardless of what we are seeking, whether it be of a material or spiritual nature, like chasing a puppy, the only thing we will ever accomplish, will be to drive her away.

From the moment we are sufficiently developed to accept, align, and partner with the readily available resources of the Creative Current, all struggling will cease. This in no way means that our physical lives will free of hardships, or guaranteed to be materially bountiful, only that we will have gained the wisdom and insight to appreciate the spiritual significance behind even the most seemingly insignificant events. Spiritual growth requires focused effort and surrender, not struggle. We can still work hard, but when done in a relaxed manner, we will discover even greater efficiency and enjoyment. If we are calm, humble, and of a grateful spirit, the answers to all life’s challenges will present themselves. Invite and allow the natural ebb and flow of life’s loving rhythms to move through us, to position us to receive every need at the precise opportune time. Trust, breathe, smile, and be joyous, and we will surely rise!

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