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  • Jon Ellis

LIMITATION - The Art Of Letting Go

Why do we allow ourselves to live limited lives, to think limiting thoughts, to be limited? Are we not Soul, soaring ethereal eagles of freedom and light? Yet over and again, through our narrow perspectives and small limiting beliefs, we imprison ourselves. For far too long we have imagined that we are victims, blaming others for limiting us, and for taking away our power, when ‘we’ alone are the very ones who have freely given it away. By allowing others to define us, by accepting that we are an effect of anything, by wearing the labels and false identifications that society offers us, we have ‘allowed’ ourselves to become bound and limited. Every time we declare that we are unable to change, that we are failures, that we have no special talents or abilities, that we are average, incapable, disadvantaged, weak, ugly, unworthy of love, prosperity, and happiness, the shackles of limitation bind ever tighter.

As all inner expectations will one day be met by outer states of experience, it is wise to take stock of the thoughts we project, as well as the deep-seated feelings we hold true about ourselves and others. For these emanations, by mechanical principle, will become the very mechanism that will either lift us into the ecstatic heights of spiritual freedom or drag us down a path into abject slavery. Truth is forged into reality only in accordance with our acceptance of what we believe truth to be. If we believe we are only mortal, then we are mortal, if we believe the earth is flat, then for us, it is flat, if we believe that we are limited, then we are indeed limited. While we should be grateful for everything we have, if we are unhappy, there is no need to deny how we feel. It is just an indication that we have outgrown a limiting concept of ourselves and need to re-imagine a better, less restrictive way to be.

Like the butterfly emerging from its chrysalis before taking flight, it has always been Soul’s journey and calling to transform through a spiritual metamorphosis, to expand, and to reflect an ever greater and fuller expression of our infinite boundless nature. The greatest liberating force in all the worlds of Creation has always been the expansive vision that arises with accepting, that by direct lineage, we are all children of the Grand Architect. Regardless of any limiting external circumstance or condition, from the very moment we embrace our Divinity and God-like attributes, our lives will profoundly change, and the sea of creative energy, the essential resource needed to reimagine our destiny, will forever be at our fingertips. As we are imperishable beings drawn from the One, it is not possible to come from something and not be of it. As the Creator is unlimited, then we, Its Divine Progeny, are also unlimited!

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