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"Between the elements of light & sound lie a dormant world, waiting to animate and capture your attention. When you break free you will realize you were somewhere else!"   - jon Ellis
Light and Sound Dream Cells

At one point I became struck with the idea that my Dream Cell’s needed a Sound component. I enlisted the assistance of a master musician and composer, Ed Kessel, of ‘Sound Imagination’. He is a creative musical genius who has the rare ability to sit in front of my paintings and literally wring or shall I say ‘ring’ the sound out of them. I actually wired a few of my early pieces with motion sensors and primitive sound systems to deploy the themed soundtracks when anyone walked by. More than one person was taken aback when they wandered past. When my daughter was a child, she was very frightened to pass the circus art hung in the hallway near her bedroom and would crawl past it, so as not to set off the Dream Cell.


Ed Kessel wrote and performed several of the scores he created for my Dream Cells with the New Jersey Philharmonic Orchestra. Images of the art were projected on giant screens as the 30 piece orchestra played. It was an incredible and memorable experience.

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