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  • Jon Ellis


Like a flowing river, our lives, in this world are fluid and ever-changing in each moment, never again occupying the same space or time. Our outer lives try to keep up with the dizzying pace of our inner lives, quickly reflecting and manifesting back our thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, expectations and often our misconceptions. The negative world spins a grand illusion in a confusing effort to make us believe that we have no control, that we are just sticks in the river cascading down the rapids towards an abyss, an effect of life, rather than the master navigator.

While it is true, as a collective group, we live in tumultuous times of change rushing towards an unknown destination, as individuals, we can learn to adjust and slow ourselves down. We can take control of our inner and accordingly our outer lives in the most profound and miraculous ways. In each moment, we will find absolute freedom and choice to grow spiritually, to climb to a higher state of consciousness and a greater level of acceptance. With this discovery, we will begin to understand that ascension is a choice and once made, a process. Will I choose peace in my life, will I advocate for forgiveness, tolerance, humility and harmony or will I advocate for power and chaos? True wisdom is understanding that there is far greater control and power in surrender and kindness, then in force and a dominating will.

If we want to have an amazing uplifting life filled with positivity, beauty, peace, and exponential spiritual growth, we need only remember to breathe slowly, deeply, deliberately and then open our hearts to love. Expect the best, work hard, and remember to take time to center ourselves, so that we can attune to the spiritual current of unconditional love that permeates every atom and sustains all life from the hummingbird to the elephant. We need look no further than own backyard to discover the wonder that is our lives. It’s as simple and easy as taking a moment to appreciate the beauty and elegance of a flower. If we have no flowers to appreciate in our backyard, then plant some!

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