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  • Jon Ellis


From the pull of the full moon, to the flowering of a plant, to our own physical lifespan, everything that ‘is’ has a rhythm, a season, and a cycle. Life dictates that there will be times of great growth, as well as necessary periods of stillness and retrograde. We need only relax, breathe, and tune into the natural rhythm of these cycles to learn to dance gracefully between the spinning gears of life. The key to a long, happy, and prosperous life is learning to trust our inner guidance as to when to push forward, when to yield or even retreat.

While speeding through a yellow traffic light, which turns red as we cross the road, may be appropriate on occasion when guided inwardly to do so, to do so every time as a standard operating procedure, we would eventually force our way into another time line, one which is out of step with the natural flow and order of our life. When we allow our bullish strong wills and those of others to dictate our pace, our timing will be off and we will fall out of rhythm. The effects will inevitably manifest into our outer lives as unnecessary setbacks, unforeseen obstacles and difficulties, and if we push too hard, even life altering painful accidents or illness.

These setbacks are nature’s course corrections, the universes’ way of not only putting on the brakes to prevent us from flying over the edge, but to slow us down so that we can once again see life’s gems along the way, so that we can once again find attunement with the rhythm life. By tuning into our own inner rhythm, we will gently be guided through the rocks and shoals of life, guided into a balanced, peaceful, and grateful state. If we can remember that life happens for us, maybe next time we have a dead battery, flat tire or are delayed in the slowest checkout line at the store, we can relax, have patience and even be grateful, knowing that the universe is protecting us; for had we not been delayed, the large steel teeth in gears of life may have bit us! Slow down and enjoy all the wondrous subtle moments and miracles along our journey!

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