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  • Jon Ellis


Why are we here if not to find ourselves, to discover our passions and to live a life of purpose meaningful to ourselves. If we have lived and patterned our lives by the expectations, desires and wishes of what other people want for us, then we have not been true to ourselves or our potential. Finding our purpose is not a secret profound or illusive mystery. We need look no further then to those creative, constructive, and uplifting endeavors that we enjoy doing.

If we have an interest, talent, or a passion, which we have neglected or abandoned in the past because it was considered ‘impractical or unrealistic’, know that is never too late. If we have let negative, controlling, discouraging and fearful people crush our dreams, diminish our self-worth, and dictate our path, it is only because we have allowed it. Take back and embrace our power. Choose to create our life on our terms, as we see fit, as we desire our world as be. Even if the life we want seems impossible and we have no idea how it will come to be, in the deepest core of our being, believe and know that it is possible.

If we have a desire to be a baker, then bake, a musician, then play, an artist, then paint, or to simply build a bench out of wood, then build! Regardless of the outcome of our completed works, there is never failure in trying new things and having new experiences. Even if our creation is a mess, we will quickly discover that the greatest most profound joy in life lies in the process and act of doing. It is in this creative realm of expression that we will find purpose. With courage set a worthy goal, ask for guidance, then do! Know that if what we seek and desire is in our best interest, in the best interest of all concerned, and most importantly, right for us, then it will come to be! If we are inspired and have great love for what we are doing, our potential is limitless! Talk less, do more and always be the director of our story!

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