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  • Jon Ellis


We have always been and will always be, on a timeless journey to be as wise as a tree. Do we not reach for the sky to get close to the sun, to spread our limbs in heaven and set strong roots in the ground? While we were once small seemingly unimportant seeds, now we have grown into something magnificent indeed! When we look in the mirror, what do we see?

Beyond the wrinkles and imperfections that come with age, resides Soul. Whether we are a tree, a dog or a human, Soul is who we are. We occupy the physical body as a driver occupies a vehicle. The physical form we now ride in and identify with is a temporary, imperfect, though magnificent vehicle to gather experiences and life lessons for Soul’s journey. When the body wears out and can no longer serve us, we will leave it behind like an old rusty car.

Regardless of what we believe, regardless of whether we consume nutritious raw foods or feast on junk, whether we spend five days a week at the gym amassing Olympic sized muscles or spend our time as a homeless drunkard living in the street, we can all agree that everything in this world is temporary. So, what, if anything, do we take with us on our continuing journey when we leave? We will take with us a wonderful new collection of cherished life experiences, of loving relationships, and connections made with other Souls, human and otherwise, and most importantly, if we are successful, a greater capacity to love.

No matter how old we are or what we see looking back at us in the mirror, know that physical age is meaningless. If we live passionately pursuing our dreams, if we are kind to all life, including ourselves, if we live fearlessly, gratefully aware in each moment how valuable and precious life is, we are wise indeed! Wisdom is identifying with our true permanent self!

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