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  • Jon Ellis


Why is easier to forgive and show empathy towards strangers than towards ourselves, to see the talents, gifts and beauty in others, but only see worthlessness and ugliness in ourselves? Are we not all the Creator’s children? Are we not as worthy of love and consideration? Do we not possess unique divine gifts and abilities too? While the answers to these questions should be obvious, in order to recognize our true selves, we first must begin to claw our way past all the inner clutter and emotional baggage we have allowed to accumulate around us.

Through lifetimes of absorbing the negative messaging of other Souls who don’t have our best interest at heart and who have been dumping their own garbage on us in order to feel better about themselves, we need to say, ‘No More’. No more will we listen or associate ourselves with others who seek to diminish our worth, block our light, and smother our potential. Recognizing our Divinity and our true self-worth is a process of forgiveness. Guilt, feelings of being inadequate, worry and anxiety are effects of forgetting who we are, of what we are capable of, and why we have come here. We are Eternal Divine beings on an endless journey towards perfecting humility and our ability to serve life and love unconditionally.

Remember to have empathy for ourselves and others, understanding that there are no accidents, no mistakes and no one to blame, only experiences and opportunities for spiritual growth. To find our path we will need to tune in and listen to our inner guide. We will still make a few bold wrong turns, run into a few walls along the way, even occasionally hit rock bottom. If life is difficult and we are doing our very best to stay positive, to survive or just get through the day, be proud and kind to ourselves knowing that we have not given up. We are all in this life together having a perfectly imperfect temporary human experience. While life may never be perfect, it will provide each of us with exactly what we need to take our next step and grow!

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