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  • Jon Ellis


A wise man said that Heaven is not so much a place, as a state of consciousness. I find this to be very true. Two people can have very similar lives, living in similar conditions and circumstances, one person feels like the most blessed person in the world, while the other always complaining about how awful their life is. What is the difference? We are. Whether we are aware of it or not, life will always live up to our intentions, our level of acceptance and appreciation and most of all our expectations. Whether we are serene and positive or chaotic and negative, our lives will reflect exactly what we have believed, imagined, and allowed them to be inwardly.

Life can certainly be complicated and challenging. While negativity always seems to be pulling at our peace from the outside, we shouldn’t amplify that by allowing ourselves to be pulled off balance from the inside. We can’t control the world around us, but we can take charge of our lives by deciding where we place our attention. That is entirely up to us. If we are having difficulty centering ourselves and finding serenity, try turning off technology and the consuming noise and politics of the day. Instead contemplate more, watch the sun rise and set to Mozart, plant a colorful flower garden, walk barefoot in the soft wet morning grass, pet furry friends, enjoy deep deliberate breaths slowly inhaling and exhaling.

If we remember to take a moment to still ourselves and appreciate the beauty all around us, to appreciate those wonderful souls in our lives who we love dearly and who love us, we will see that we are already in Heaven. Cut through the illusion of distraction and we will see that Heaven has always been all around us, Serenity just a breath away, we just need to remind ourselves to breathe! Take time to nurture ourselves, because we are worth it!

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