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  • Jon Ellis


When we have love in our heart, when we are appreciative towards ourselves and others, when we are giving life our very best, know that we are being utilized by the Creator as channels for pure positive energy to flow through us. By allowing the universe to utilize us this way, we will find that destructive negative energy will not so easily back up into us. When love radiates through our very being, we will maintain a peaceful center and our lives and circumstances will be guided and protected. Our lives may never be perfect. We will still have our challenges and dark moments of grief and sadness, but we will not be alone, and we will have the wisdom and understanding to realize that these experiences are for our benefit and spiritual growth.

As the positive seeks its channels of light and love, the opportunistic negative energy is also searching to find its vehicles to assist spreading darkness and discontent. If we are at all sensitive, we can tangibly feel the heavy oppressive atmosphere hanging over individuals who serve the negative. If we have permitted a cascading stream of negativity to flow through us for over a long period of time, but now decide to make positive changes, know that it is possible. It will take time, discipline and effort, but what is a life of true happiness and inner peace worth?

In each moment the choice is ours as to which energy we will allow to move through us. As we are all works in progress and none of us are perfect, never be discouraged by temporary setbacks. If we try our best to make small positive improvements each day, we will begin to see these positive changes reflect out into our lives. If we focus on love, not fear, trust, not worry, we will discover and know that we are loved, cherished and protected. Love life, serve life and we will be well on our way. Where we go is up to us!

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