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  • Jon Ellis


What is success? If one were to ask around, there would probably be as many different answers to that question as people asked. Some will say a Ferrari in the driveway and a million dollars in the bank. For others, success is simply how happy someone is. From a higher vantage point of Soul, material possessions amassed and hoarded during this life certainly do not equate to success. Some of the wealthiest people on the planet are by far the loneliest and saddest, while some of the poorest people and cultures are found to be the happiest.

It is not surprising that the happiest people are also the most grateful. They recognize that each moment is a precious gift. Our individual definition and view of success will depend mainly on our spiritual state of awareness and our level of connectivity to the universe and the world around us. While we are all born into this world with a vast disparity of physical, socio and economic conditions, we are all born with the power to appreciate, to imagine and to create. As Soul we are all equal having the same potential to fashion fulfilling successful lives with everything we could ever need or want, even if that is a life of simplicity and nothing more than a greater capacity to Love.

Find enjoyment and appreciate the miracles all around us in life’s everyday experiences. Take a meandering walk through the woods, appreciate the orange and red colors of the leaves on a fall day, the cozy smell of a fireplace on a cold evening, the melodic sound of returning songbirds in the early spring, the feel of a cool breeze blowing past on a hot summer day, the fragrant smell of jasmine in the humid night air. Truly successful people appreciate the simple things in life that cost nothing, particularly living in the moment, living modestly and enjoying close relationships with our dear ones, whether they be people, dogs, cats or plants!

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