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  • Jon Ellis


In this universe we live immersed in a dual world of Polarity. Yin and Yang, positive and negative, light and dark, hot and cold, male and female. One cannot look anywhere in nature or this universe and find something in existence, which does not have an opposite. While these positive and negative expressions appear at times to be in ‘opposition’ to one another, nothing could be further from the truth. They are in fact complimentary, both necessary for sustaining and maintaining balance and the creative and destructive cycles of life.

While ‘Yang’ or ‘Male’ energy is referred to as positive and ‘Female’ or ‘Yin’ energy as negative, these descriptions have nothing to do with social and moral definitions of ‘good and bad’ attributed to them. Positive and negative are simply expressions of energy in the active and the receptive states. Soul, our true permanent self, comes from a world beyond polarity. Unlike the human form, in Soul we are neither male nor female. Regardless of what sex the physical body form is wearing, there are always varying aspects of both energies present in each of us, even if one may appear more dominant than the other.

In order to have a long, balanced, productive, harmonious life, it is important to know when to press forward, sometimes even aggressively, and when to take a softer approach and yield. Every great battlefield commander understood the importance of this principle of life. If we listen for the inner guidance offered, we will know in each moment, which type of energy would best suit the current situation and challenge we find ourselves in. Learn to embrace, accept, and love our complimentary natures! By being neither for nor against anything or anyone, we will be opposed to none and welcomed by all, including ourselves!

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