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  • Jon Ellis


Deeply embedded in the nature of every being that exists or has ever existed, is the desire to be free. Freedom is Soul’s birthright. From an insect in a jar, to a caged tiger, every man, animal, and even insect is driven to seek out, experience, and express ever greater states of freedom. The freedom to be happy, to choose our companions, to come and go as we please, to follow our dreams and pursue our passions, to become whatever and whoever we choose to be, the freedom to identify, look, dress and express ourselves in any manner that suits us.

While freedom is our greatest and most cherished possession, like the very air we breathe, until it is taken away, freedom goes unnoticed and taken for granted. While there has always been corrupt governments and unscrupulous individuals who seek to strip away our freedom, surprisingly, we are often the only ones responsible for imprisoning ourselves. By allowing guilt, fear, insecurities and even illness to dictate our life experiences, we condemn ourselves to an unfulfilling and unhappy life. If we have a job we dislike and are spending all our time and energy complaining about how awful it is, then nothing can or will ever change for us.

If we don’t like who we have become or where we are at, then it is up to us to change our reality. Through creative imagination, constructive thoughts and attitudes, and positive choices and actions, we will recreate our lives and ourselves into the positive conditions and beings that we desire to be! It won’t happen overnight, but if we believe that it is possible, if we work hard and smart towards our new goal of transformation, it will surely come to be! Fly high and be free, my friends, for anything is possible, for we are Soul, Divine expressions of absolute freedom, eternal beings of light that cannot be suppressed or contained!

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