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  • Jon Ellis


Every atom, every molecule, every cell, seeks to join with others, to belong, to find purpose and to become part of something much bigger. Like the materials from which our physical forms were created, we too feel the inner urge to connect, to belong, and to find purpose. While the universe and nature inherently expand outward toward ever greater forms of complexity and diversity, humans, by contrast, tend to seek out what is familiar, comfortable, and of like kind. This tendency has a way of joining us together, but only with those who look, believe, and behave similarly to us. Avoiding change and diversity is human nature.

As a society, we are unconsciously led down a narrow path, led to believe what beauty should look like. Advertisements, television, and social media convince us what kind of car we should drive and what kind of job we need to have if we are to consider ourselves successful. Unfortunately, for most, these illusory goals and measures are unrealistic and unobtainable, seeding our minds with frustration, envy and self-doubt. So why do we still feel the need to measure our bodies and our self-worth against what society feeds us? Because it is what we have been fed since we were born into this world. While society judges us and sees us a certain way, I am free, and I will not allow myself to be bound and limited by others.

I am not a Caucasian or Indian, American or Russian, upper class or lower class, Democrat or Republican, artist or doctor, male or female. These thin veneers are false identifications, costumes we wear for very short scenes in an infinitely long play. We are Soul, Divine melodies of a Master Composer. Let’s shed society’s judgements and together celebrate our diversity in all their magnificent forms, from our skin tones, shapes and freckles, to our unique talents and abilities. Life comes in billions of flavors, shapes and colors and so do we!

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