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  • Jon Ellis


Have you ever listened for the sound of a butterfly in flight or tried to feel the breeze of its soft wings as it passes close to your cheek? It would be subtle indeed. Subtle as getting a frightened child to know everything will be alright with just a glance or telling your spouse you love them without having to say a word. We are so consumed and distracted by drama and life’s frantic pace, we often forget to take notice of how our words, actions and even our thoughts impact the world around us. One who has a kind loving heart and a simple gentle nature is far greater in the eyes of our Creator than the greatest intellect or most famous political leader. It is not a brave Soul who hunts lions and elephants in the jungle and acts boisterous among his friends, but a Soul who exhibits gentleness and kindness to all life.

If we want to practice the art of kindness we can start in our own backyard with ourselves. If we have no forgiveness, appreciation and love for ourselves, it will not be possible to accept, appreciate and love others. Wear an honest smile of gratitude and appreciation as we serve life. Feel our hearts open as we rescue a throw-away plant from a trash pile and nurture it back to health. Experience the satisfaction of escorting a lost turtle marching along a sweltering roadway back to the safety of the cool forest’s edge. Hold the door for stranger, even if it for a closed-off person with whom we appear to share nothing in common.

While we will always have infinite room for improvement, the fact that we are trying to be better people, trying to act with grace and kindness towards all life, even in in difficult situations and circumstances, demonstrates that we are growing in a positive direction. We are all inseparably linked together! Recognize that each of us, though flawed, are Divine works in progress, worthy of one another’s consideration, kindness and unconditional love!

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