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  • Jon Ellis


I am amazed by life, the patience of a spider, the fierce instinct of a tiger, the unconditional love of a dog, the primitive nature of a shark, the complex communal world of bees and ants, the dedication and self-discipline of a monk, the struggle and will to survive of a homeless person. All that exists is a divine masterpiece of beauty and wonder, every creature, every grain of sand, cell, feather, leaf, color, every sound. It is a wonder that not everyone can see and appreciate that. It is an even greater wonder why we can’t see that we are also Divine Miracles to behold. With the spiritual eyes open beauty is within and all around, in everyone and everything, hidden even in the hideous and the mundane. While life is often challenging and painful, life is a beautiful gift of wonder to be cherished, appreciated, and amazed by.

If heaven is a state of consciousness, then it is no mystery that our attitude and how we see life will determine our experiences in this world. The more we focus on discord and ugliness the more we will attract these conditions into our universe. While some are filled with fear and dread, running away from the tiny stinger of the bee, others chose to stay and marvel as the bee passes from flower to flower. While both partake of the bee’s sweet honey, one is aware and appreciative of the simple beauty and complex nature of life, the other is not.

Life expands and flows outward in ever greater diversity and detail. By expressing and manifesting our unique visions and love which dwells in our hearts, we will add to life’s masterpiece making our world better for ourselves and others. Create a simple garden and watch in amazement how nature masterfully colors life within its lines. As honey bees are drawn to flowers, we must love our lives and express our love. Paint a simple painting, sing a simple song! Many look but do not see. Many see but do not appreciate. Take the time to see and appreciate the wonder and beauty all around and we will never cease to be amazed!

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