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  • Jon Ellis


Contemplation does not take effort in a physical sense, or a disciplined subjection of thought and mind like Eastern meditation, but a gentle redirection of our imaginative focus. Unlike meditation, which leads to a still passive state, contemplation is active, dynamic and can lead us on fantastic rich inner journeys to unexpected places. While contemplation may begin in our imagination, with practice, we are soon inwardly guided into very vivid and remarkable experiences. In contemplation we are limitless, free in Soul to go anywhere, do anything and be whatever we desire; and most of all, contact the waves of light and sound of our Creator.

In many ways contemplation is like the experience of a lucid dreamer, except that we are not falling asleep to get there nor waking up when we return. The purpose of true contemplation is to spiritually connect and direct our attention towards experiences which will aid in our journey towards higher states of consciousness, love, clarity and sense of oneness. Sitting up or lying down, I begin the contemplative exercise using an imaginative scene of my choosing. I often use my garden pond as a starting point. After I have fully entered that world, I quickly relax and allow myself to be divinely guided on a custom fitted inner journey.

There is not a lot we can control these days, but choosing a specific time each day to have some ‘me’ time is something we can all control. Close our eyes and imagine we are flying over an azure blue ocean into a magnificent sunset. We are soon surrounded by waves of heavenly music as we soar upward into a towering column of golden light. After a time, we softly drift back into a garden filled with colorful fragrant flowers, butterflies, and songbirds; a place of our creation. When we open our eyes, we feel love in our hearts and sense that something in us has changed. It is true, we may not be the same people we were when we closed our eyes!

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