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  • Jon Ellis


I have an unerring all-knowing guide, as we all do; an inner copilot, a divine companion on my eternal voyage. No matter where I go, what I am doing, or what decision I choose to follow, ‘together’ we will always arrive at the right place at the right time, executing the right decision. I need only to surrender my limited ego, to ask, to listen, and then to follow the guidance offered. By asking for guidance, by tuning in to the intuitive voice within, life begins to flow in the most remarkable ways. When we are aligned and follow the inner guidance offered our spiritual goals and outer lives flourish.

While the continual flow of guidance is available and offered to every Soul in each moment, not every Soul is tuned in to listen to what Spirit is offering. The guidance provided is based on the Creative Spirit’s deep understanding and personal connection to our unique natures, our past experiences, and our spiritual needs and goals. Divine guidance is fluid, random, and by far superior to mind logic, which is only a limited static calculation based on the results of similar past experiences. Guidance can come through our dreams, our intuition or from a single word on a passing billboard viewed precisely at the right moment in time. It can come in the spoken words of a stranger, or even a homeless person. In the short interaction between us something is spoken which illuminates with profound insight and meaning.

Without exception every joyous person, every great inventor, writer, artist, poet, musician, dancer, composer and prophet, has been inwardly listening and following their personal divine guide. Now that I am always…well, almost always, listening, I find I don’t have to ask as much!

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