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  • Jon Ellis


Does the tree rush or worry about how long it will take to grow to reach the sky. It is in no rush, for it has already reached the sky since the day it hatched from its seed. Are we so different? If we only have so many days, so many heartbeats, so many steps in this in this lifetime, should we not take our time to walk slowly, joyously, and deliberately. Like letting a bite of delicious dark chocolate slowly melt in our mouth, or taking the time to smell a fragrant flower, patience is the art of savoring and appreciating the moment.

Learning to love our path, even though it is difficult, develops perseverance and strength of character. When we are faced with unpleasant tasks and painful situations, it is human nature to want to avoid them or pass through them quickly. As the Universe has intentionally placed each experience in our path for our spiritual benefit, with patience and perseverance, we will see that these events are really precious gifts from Spirit affording us yet another opportunity to learn something about ourselves.

I find I deliberately choose to take on projects that are difficult and seem to take forever. I have found the longer they take and the harder they are to complete, the greater satisfaction I experience when I have finished. Of course that in itself is not the reason or motivation of why I do anything. While I may enjoy looking at or utilizing the finished product, my love for the creative process and the journey of getting there is by far the greater reward. If we can find no love for what we are doing, then what is the purpose of doing it? If we truly love the journey, Patience is easy.

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