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  • Jon Ellis


No man, bird, plant or other creature is an island. All life forms living in a balanced state require social interaction. In this chaotic world while a lonely person may survive, it is the loving relationships and connections that provide the joy, unity, and balance necessary for Soul to thrive. Even though we own all the gold in the kingdom, can we be considered successful and rich beyond measure, if we have no one to share it with, to love and no one to love us back? I personally do not think so. It is our connections that make us rich, not gold.

Whatever semantic or concept I choose to call it is not important. In my life, having a deep personal inner connection to other Souls, whether they be plants, animals or people is as important to me as breathing. I cannot imagine a life without these connections. We are like particles of water in a vast ocean of life, all connected to one another. One can’t think or act without having some reaction or impact on others. With kind words, gentle thoughts, and selfless actions, we can choose to uplift, unify and strengthen the universe and the connections around us or we can choose to divide and destroy these connections through selfishness, anger, ignorance and negative hatred. One can not pollute the water without polluting oneself.

Decades ago I have chosen and dedicated myself to be a coworker for the cause of Unity. With a loving heart I serve ‘all’ Creation, not because of what I can benefit, but for what I can add to life. Being a coworker of Unity does not have to be a grand or public undertaking. It can be as quiet and simple as a wearing a soft grateful smile, holding the door for another or caring for cherished furry friend or a plant.

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