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  • Jon Ellis


Trust is my armor and I have surrendered my fears and worries, the enemies of peace, to the higher protective power of unconditional love. That does not mean I will not defend myself should the need arise, I just won’t go around worrying about something, which may never happen. Fearing or worrying about anything will focus and squander my creative energies on what I do ‘not’ want to happen and will only serve to attract them to me like a magnet. The knowledge that I am divinely protected and that nothing can enter my space that is not in accordance with my past thoughts and actions, allows me to embrace life fearlessly.

If I have created a past debt, I will gladly pay it back so that I can climb higher up the spiritual mountain towards freedom without having to carry unnecessary baggage. The experiences that I encounter on my journey, both positive and negative, will be my teachers and my guides who will show me how to thrive in ever greater harmony with the universe. Life will bring what life will bring. As I surrender and allow life to be what it will be, without opposition, I can relax and breathe deeply, calmly, and peacefully.

To develop a broad calm peaceful center, I choose to keep my relaxed attention on love, light, and on being an open channel for the creative spirit to flow through. I am present, aware and aligned inwardly and outwardly. Where trust and surrender dwell, there can be no fear!

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