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  • Jon Ellis


Where there is a life filled with joy, there can be no room for darkness. Joy is state of consciousness, just like heaven. When we put love into our endeavors and do our absolute best, we are always partnered with the Creative Spirit. I am a being of light, sound and joy. While I may occupy a flawed human form, I am not limited nor separated from my divine source. I am enhanced and enriched to have the opportunity to have a human experience, to play in the dirt, to feel, to express, to paint, to build physical things, to explore ideas, to demonstrate to the world in a grand way that I have no talent at particular activities, but still enjoy doing them and most importantly, to have the freedom to ‘Be’ who I am. I am uniquely me, as you are uniquely you. Is there no greater cause to be joyous!

Life can be as simple as joy, if we allow it. While there are always seasons of loss and pain for each of us, these are only temporary conditions, which will blow past like rain clouds across the sun. I embrace all life experiences with full attention and joy in my heart. By doing so I keep open the inner channels to ever greater opportunities to express my being. Just because something may be hard or we are not good at it, it does not mean that we should shy away from it. It is a reason to go after it. I enjoy doing creative things that challenge me, that show me my weaknesses and limitations. I prefer not to know the outcome. Life would be boring if this were not so. The only thing I do know is that what is born from my efforts in this world will not be perfect, in fact far from it. I have come to appreciate the beauty of imperfection. It gives us all a reason to strive, to ‘Be’!

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