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  • Jon Ellis


To be in love is a glorious thing. To be in love with life is our destiny. Like ripples in a pond from a single drop of rain, when I have love in my heart, it travels outward in uplifting waves into the world before returning back again in an even greater abundance. This is the attracting power of love.

We exist because the Creator loves us. What we think, feel, say and do is a demonstration of whether we are grateful for that love or not. When we hold the door for a stranger or rescue a stranded earthworm from a hot pavement, when we go out of our way to show ourselves and others kindness and love, we are returning our Creator’s love. This love may not return in wealth, material possessions or even health, but in something of much greater value and permanence, in compassion, inner peace and a higher understanding of who and why we are.

When we put conditions on love and say, “If you do this, I will love you, but if you do that, I will withhold that love”, then we have not learned what true love is. While love with conditions is always bound and limited, unconditional love is freedom. If we love others regardless of whether that love is returned, we have begun to understand how our Creator loves us.

Learning to love unconditionally is a process, just like creating the life we will be passionate to live. A life where we look forward to opening our eyes and embracing what each day brings, not because of the hardships or pain we may face, but for the spiritual growth we will have gained by going through the experience.

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