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  • Jon Ellis


Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Thought is energy and it is power; in some, tremendous power. To various amounts, all Souls have the power to imagine and manifest those imaginations into this world. When we worry, we imagine, replaying over, and over again, what we don’t want to happen. In doing so, we are helping bring to life exactly what we don’t want to happen, often to someone we love. When we worry, we are unintentionally channeling negative energy, directly injecting it into a future situation or at a person, always to theirs and our detriment.

Instead of helping raise them up, worry contributes to a destructive process of destabilizing their universe and for that, we must take some responsibility. It doesn’t matter if we did so unconsciously or otherwise, or whether that was our intention or not or even if we believe in the law of cause and effect or not, we have interfered in the other Soul’s personal space and their freedom. In doing so we have created a negative situation and a debt we will pay for.

While most people who worry have good intentions and love for those whom they worry about, the reality is that if we continue to misuse or misdirect our divine manifesting gift of imagination, how can the universe trust us to be a vehicle for its positive creative energy? Giving a person who worries and can’t control their thoughts real power, would be like giving a small child a sharpened sword. Spirit, in its wisdom, may present the child with a small toy sword, until such time the child matures and understands the power and consequences of it thoughts and actions. The good news, is that once we become aware of how thought has power, we can refuse to participate in worrying.

As we grow in spiritual awareness and have a closer relationship with the universe, we will joyfully trade worry in for trust and surrender. Have your dreams and set your goals, and allow others to as well, then relax and let it be. Whatever form and turns life presents, know that it is exactly what we and others need for unfoldment, no more, no less. Give love, not worry!

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