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  • Jon Ellis


In this world, no one is perfect, particularly in the human form. When we look in the mirror or even just think about ourselves, do negative feelings come to mind? Do we judge our self-worth by comparing how much we lack when compared to others? Whether we admit it outwardly or not, we all have physical, emotional, and mental flaws and insecurities. It keeps us humble and it is part of the human experience. Learning to find a balanced way to love ourselves through self-acceptance is one of the main reasons why we are here. While some are at peace with having inner and outer scars and less than desirable qualities, others outright detest themselves, repeating daily, like a negative mantra, that we are stupid, ugly, overweight, boring, dull and unworthy of love.

To numb the pain and quiet the self-loathing, many turn to drugs and alcohol. This self-medicating, while providing a temporary escape, only buries the pain deeper and widens the illusion that we are less than. The root cause of this negative thinking is that we are simply unable to see ourselves objectively. While focusing and magnifying our weaknesses, we take our Divine gifts, strengths, attributes and unique qualities for granted. We compare ourselves to others, who we believe have it all together, but if we were to walk for a day in their shoes, we would see that they too have their inner battles and demons to struggle with as well.

We are Soul, Divine beings having a flawed human experience. We are all unique pieces of our Creator’s artwork in progress. Our imperfections are areas to be worked on, gifts, much like a fresh piece of canvas to paint on or clay to mold. We are the Creator’s offspring and if we believe that our Creator is powerful and magnificent, then so must we. Be brilliant and joyous! Be positive channels of light! Embrace and accept our flaws as Divine gifts. We are each who we are, our imperfections and our diversity. Love that!

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