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  • Jon Ellis


While it is easy to identify people who incessantly talk about themselves and their challenges, never once lending a hand or even thinking about what is going on in the other person’s life, there is no need to look down on or label that person as selfish. While they may be, often without realizing it, we are only looking at a familiar reflection in the mirror, sometimes that person can also be us. Even if it is true, there is no cause for alarm or reason to beat ourselves up. We are all works in progress and this is exactly why we are here; to develop a more altruistic, loving, compassionate and charitable nature. Self-centeredness is merely an expression of a particular state of consciousness, and more importantly a stepping-stone on Soul’s journey towards self-mastery and selflessness.

In this world, we are not separated from anyone or anything. What affects one will affect the other. If we are farther up the line than another in our spiritual development, we should realize that not very long ago, we stood right where they are standing now, and if that is true, there must be an infinite number of Souls farther up the path, far more advanced than us. No one can pretend to know what is going on in the life of another, their inner struggles and challenges, but if we are a good listener, understanding and generous with our time and attention, if we practice patience with those younger Souls who are absorbed in the ‘self’, we will not only assist them taking their next step in their journey, but it will also set up the conditions for others to be of assistance for us.

Everyone needs a certain amount of self-centeredness to thrive in this world. It is far from being selfish to recognize our own needs first, for all Souls living in a human form, to maintain health, balance and joy, need to appreciate and show ourselves love by doing those things which nourish our own unique physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs. For if we don’t love and take care of ourselves, we will soon find that we are depleted and not be in a position to help others. Be patient and giving with our younger brothers and sisters, as life here is a balance. One day we may find that the pendulum has swung, and we are the ones up against the wall of life, desperate and in need of someone’s attention, love, and assistance!

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