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To a certain extent, whether we admit it or not, whether it is conscious or subconscious, we all harbor some forms of prejudice, residual effects of our past conditioning, a carryover from the people who raised us and the society we grew up in. These past parental and societal influences have contributed to the construction of our current personality, our underlying fears, our beliefs, and our behaviors. If we were taught from our earliest memories that people of a particular race or religion are ‘bad’ and can’t be trusted, it will be very difficult to change our perspective, but to grow spiritually, that is exactly what we will need to do.

We should understand that no form of prejudice or intolerance is harmless, even if it is in the form of a silly opinion, such all Asian people are good at math, or that Black people are all better at sports, or Jewish people make the best doctors, or that all pit bulls are dangerous untrustworthy dogs. Whether in a positive or negative way, stereotyping is still prejudice. Even if we have suffered a first-hand traumatic negative experience at the hands of another, we should never allow one individual’s actions, or even a hundred individuals’ actions from a particular group, to be the measure to judge all members of that group. We are each unique Divine imperishable Sparks of our Creator, nothing more, nothing less, and we are each individually responsible and accountable for our actions.

Know that we are far more than our programing or the shades of the biological forms we currently occupy. The color of one’s skin should have no more importance than the color painted on our car. Believing that we are better or less than another because of theirs or our outer appearance, social status, or religion is a false misrepresentation of truth and a limiting spiritual disservice to everyone. Releasing preconceived judgments and prejudice from our mind is a process, one that will require us to rise to a higher spiritual state of consciousness, understanding and perspective. Appreciate and embrace the wonder of life’s diversity. Value and cherish our differences, our varied cultures and beliefs, as we are all brothers and sisters, placed here in this world to learn to love, respect, and coexist gracefully. We are all beautiful colors on our Creator’s palette!

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