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  • Jon Ellis

Negativity - The Art Of Letting Go

We are constantly surrounded by a charged atmosphere of negativity. Even though we may not be aware of it, we are also surrounded by a sea of positive energy and love. Neither polarity is inherently ‘good’ or ‘bad’, as they are both equally necessary, not only for the operation of this world of polarity, but for Soul’s training and eventual mastery of wielding freewill. It is a spiritual law that, ‘like attracts like’. A positive loving disposition will naturally attract more positive experiences into our lives. By the same principle, being a channel for the negative will conversely attract greater destructive energies. For the Individual and the world, disruptive ‘negative’ events can often have surprising positive effects and are often exactly what is required to break up and shatter our narrow, limiting, divisive, opinions, attitudes, and perspectives.

We have all, at one time, in this life or our past, lived as bitter ungrateful people, whose lives were filled with misery, misfortune, poverty, and illness. We believed that we were victims of life, when in fact our entire existence was just an effect of poor choices in our decision to carry and serve the negative. For many today, the decision of where we place our attention and what type of energy we carry, hardly seems like a choice. It is not a judgment to say, by nature, the unaware and undisciplined human mind is hard wired to be negative. The mind is easily attracted to and distracted by the dramatic, the visceral, appearing to choose shocking themes and images of revenge, violence, death, sex and power, over Soul’s natural innocent childlike inclinations to be humble, gentle, happy, loving, and kind.

For those of us who have consciously chosen to align ourselves with light, love, and positive energy, we are in turn, light and energetic in Spirit. Even though our outer lives may be filled with challenges, hardships, and loss, our lives are always viewed as gifts, eternal adventures where opportunities for spiritual growth lie beneath our feet at each step on our path. With a grateful open heart, we choose to live in balance, joy, peace and contentment, not because we are unsympathetic and blind to the turmoil and suffering of the world, but because by evolving into a more centered positive spiritual being, we will uplift not only ourselves, but all life. In each moment, the choice is ours as to which waters we will drink from, choose wisely!

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