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  • Jon Ellis

Loneliness - the art of letting go

Whether we have lost a lifelong mate or find ourselves living a solitary existence without close physical contacts, it is understandable that we will emotionally ache for companionship. Regardless of how spiritually or intellectually advanced we are, while living in the physical world, to feel balance and contentment, we require physical touch, appreciation, and loving relationships, whether they be with intimate partners, family, or close friends, furry or otherwise. While self-medicating, chasing materialism, watching television, and burying ourselves in our work, may temporarily distract us, when we are still, without physical loving connections, the empty feeling of loneliness will creep back into Soul like a dark spirit.

If we are tired of feeling lonely, stuck, and cut off from life and love, we will have no choice, but to swim out into the river of life once again. To venture beyond the false security of the stagnant shallow known, we will have to be daring and adventurous! It is only natural for us to feel uncomfortable and anxious as we expand our horizons, face new challenges, along with the possibility of rejection or judgment from others who see our growth as a threat. Revel in our newfound freedom as we experience the exhilaration of trying new things, pursuing our unexplored passions, enrolling in motivating classes, traveling to new and exotic destinations, spending time with people we have little in common with. By forming new lasting relationships with positive people, embracing new ideas, cultures, and experiences, our loneliness and our old rigid negative patterns of thought and behavior will lose their hold.

If we are in a committed relationship, surrounded by friends, and companion pets, and still feel a profound sense of loneliness, it is most likely a result of a spiritual disconnection from our Creator and Its Divine current of Light and Sound, Holy Spirit. There is no substitute to fill the void of disconnection from the Universe. Awaken in this moment! Realize that we are Soul, that we are loved, and that we have never been alone or separated since our inception. The Creator and Its loving force are but awaiting our invitation, for we must each give our permission for Spirit to enter our consciousness, to wrap us tightly in Its golden cloak, to immerse us in Its endless waves of unconditional love and protection. It is our destiny to connect, and then give back to life through service and surrender. The cure for loneliness has always been love. A Soul inwardly connected and in love with all life cannot be lonely!

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