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  • Jon Ellis

INDECISION - The Art Of Letting Go

There are choices to be made and actions to be taken in every moment. Decisions, which are for us alone to make, choices which will attract the experiences necessary for our spiritual growth. Some individuals, paralyzed by fear and indecision, rather than choose and take responsibility for any unpleasant consequences, which may arise from their choices, find it safer and less stressful to do nothing at all. But even if we fail to act through indecision, know that we have still made a choice, one which now allows others and fate to decide what experiences we will have. By backing away from life and floundering in indecision, we will grow old watching the window of life’s golden opportunities shut before our eyes, leaving only stale crumbs of regret, of what we should have done and could have been.

The difference between fate and destiny is similar to two ship captains, one, to the best of her abilities, charts and navigates a course to a specific destination. The other, instead of being at the helm, is asleep below deck surrendering the vessel to the mercy of the winds and currents. Both ships may sail to safe harbor or wind up shattered against the rocks. The difference between the two, is that the one captain learns and improves her skills through the decisions she has made and the experiences she has encountered on each voyage. The other, remains in darkness, ignorant of the ways of navigating life. It is only through our choices and applied effort in surmounting obstacles, that Soul becomes the master navigator, worthy of grace and the opportunity to know and experience the true self and the Creator.

There are no mistakes to be had or wrong choices to be made, as these are only learning opportunities. The answers to life’s challenges will never be found sifting in the muddy cascading turmoil of one’s emotions, nor can they be ascertained in the deductive static intellect of the mind. Fill our hearts with love and gratitude. Humbly ask the Universe for guidance, then listen. Only then will Its Divine unerring wisdom be available in each moment. Without mystery or fanfare, the answer arrives cloaked in Its eternal language, so simple that it is usually either rejected by the mind or completely missed. If, in our gut, our decision feels right, then it is right, no more, no less. Armed with our divine gift of intuition, indecision will effortlessly transmute into confident decisive action. Choose wisely, but choose!

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