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  • Jon Ellis


The feeling of being ‘less than’ is universal. Even those that seem to constantly exude a strong current of magnetic outer confidence and positivity, are often just overcompensating for their own inner feelings of inadequacy and lack. It is these same deep-seated feelings, which motivates people to aggrandize themselves by seeking money, power, and control of others. Whether we feel as though we don’t measure up at work, in school, in our marriage, as a parent, as a person, or in life in general, all stems from our misperception of ourselves. We are simply unable to see or separate our true divine selves from the false programming we have received at the hands of others compensating from their own feelings of inadequacy.

If we look outside ourselves and measure what we see through the negative mind, inadequacy is a foregone conclusion. Yes, there will always be people who, in every way possible, are more advanced than us, physically, intellectually, and spiritually, but that has nothing to do with them being ‘better’ than us. It is only a result of these Souls, having more experience than us in particular areas of interest. These individuals are not born lucky, they have just put in more time at these endeavors in this life or in the past. It is inevitable that we will naturally be better at the skills, which we are more experienced at. While it is hard to imagine that we could ever be the best or the brightest at anything, we are ‘all’ divine creative beings, even if we don’t recognize our own unique gifts and talents as special or worthy of feeling appreciative.

To become confident beings and overcome feelings of inadequacy, we will need to shift our perception to a higher vantage point, through the unobstructed lens of our true self, Soul. Only when we can we see past our false illusions and imperfect coverings will we ever lose all sense of inadequacy. Only then will see and recognize ourselves as the highly capable, loving, and eternally powerful creative progeny of our Creator. The real permanent treasures of infinitely greater value than money, physical prowess, and beauty are kindness, our capacity to love, grace and humility. Marvel and be grateful for another’s accomplishments, athleticism, and masterful works. Let them be an inspiration and a guide for us to light our passions and grow!

Photo Jon Ellis / Sculpture by Guido Casaretto

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