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  • Jon Ellis

IMPATIENCE - The Art Of Letting Go

In our fast-paced, time-is-money materialistic society, it is human to want to live in a world without delays, where we can see results and rewards immediately without putting in the hard work, where we can jump to the front of a long line without waiting. We all arrive in this life with varying degrees of patience or impatience. Some seem to have all the patience in the world, while others have none. In time we all come to recognize that there can be no lasting peace or happiness until we develop the divine quality of patience. Impatience is born of the refusal to accept that we live in a world of cycles, where timing and patience are as critical as understanding and accepting that there will always be delays, trying days with oppressive resistance, where it feels difficult to move, and other days where the very atmosphere and gravity around us feels lighter and accomplishing many tasks in a single day feels effortless.

By becoming impatient and frustrated, by pushing our way forward using our bull-headed willpower, we unknowingly and ignorantly force ourselves into a different timeline, one where we don’t belong, where our timing will be off, where the results are not in our best interest, one where we will unnecessarily fall victim to misfortune, accidents, and personal hardship. To determine when the best time to start a project, or even make a small move, many people, instead of relying on the subtle voice within, seek counsel through fallible outer mechanisms of horoscopes, psychics and religion. If we would just ask, listen, and surrender, the infallible Creative Spirit, will personally guide each of us as to when we should push and quicken our pace, slow, or even be still.

Align and invite the Creative Spirit to be our partner in life. While it may not make our lives easy, It will adjust our environment and timing so that each experience and event on our journey, necessary for our spiritual education, will intersect at the most precise and beneficial time. If we want to keep step with the natural rhythm and flow of life and always be at the right place at the right time, we need do nothing more than relax, stay positive, and follow the Universes lead. As one savors a bite of fine chocolate, instead of rushing to arrive at our destination, learn to delight in each moment of our path. Next time we are delayed in a long line of cars behind a train crossing or drawbridge, or even get a flat tire, take a deep breath, be patient and count our blessings, for had we not been delayed, our journey may not be as pleasant!

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