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  • Jon Ellis

grudges - the art of letting go

While time may heal, a person holding onto a grudge will not. The inability to forgive others for their offenses against us or our loved ones, only holds our lives prisoner and our attention frozen in the past, not theirs. We rationalize and justify our bitterness, anger, and resentment as righteous indignation. After all, isn’t it human to want to inflict suffering on those who caused us or a loved one injury? While that may be, the archaic eye-for-an-eye system of justice is ignorant and void of any understanding of spiritual law. Entertaining hatred and fantasizing about revenge delays spiritual growth and binds Soul tighter to the negative pole and the destructive karma associated with that type of thinking.

When viewed through the eyes of the awakened Soul, all perceived injustices, including premeditated physical and emotional abuse at the hands of another, are but effects of our own creation. For many, even the notion that there are no victims or innocent parties in life, is an impossible pill to swallow, particularly when the ‘victim’ is very young in physical years and appears to have done nothing in ‘this life’ to warrant such cruel treatment. If we could only peel back the curtain, and glimpse the inciting incidents from past lives, we would realize that Karma is surgically precise. Karma is Soul’s inescapable learning tool, a golden mirror perfectly reflecting back our state of consciousness, beliefs, thoughts, and actions.

When we accept and take full responsibility for our present conditions and circumstances, we will move forward in life. To find peace and lasting happiness, the baggage of long held grudges and resentment towards others will have to be left behind. Be grateful and forgive those that have wronged us, for as cruel as they appear, they are just life’s messengers who have lightened our load and returned our careless negative offerings, which we have sent out to the universe. Seek only peace and offer only love and good will. Surrender all cares and allow the heavenly inner sun to shine brilliantly once again, opening our hearts to love and burning away the dark obstructions and spots, which have long blocked Spirit’s flow and Soul’s radiant light.

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