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  • Jon Ellis


Grief, in itself, is not a negative emotion. It is just one of the myriad of experiences Soul must endure to gain empathy and compassion. It doesn’t matter what a person’s state of consciousness is, whether a being is an advanced spiritual master or a person operating from a base consciousness, when profound loss of a cherished loved one occurs, it is completely natural and human to feel grief. However, a person’s state of consciousness will determine how long someone is willing to allow themselves to be emotionally crushed and sidelined from life. A person operating from a higher state of consciousness will always have a higher survival factor. This, in turn, will equate to how quickly a Soul can move forward, surrendering their grief and sorrow to the river of life.

When we inflict grief on ourselves beyond a reasonable amount of time, we are actually doing a disservice, not only to ourselves, but to the person who had passed. The last thing our beloved companions would want to see is how their departure has devastated us. They are living in a boundless world of beauty and light where the burdens of life are lifted and they wish nothing more for us than our happiness. If we have lost a dear one and are in pain, know that they are not gone from our lives. By placing our love and attention on our precious ones, not only will they live on in our hearts and minds, but we will live in theirs. Wherever they are in the vast mansion of our Creator, they are always only a thought and a whisper away.

We are all Soul, imperishable beings of light. A time will come when we will again be by there side. Ask inwardly to see our loved ones in our dreams, for it is there that we will find that they have not left us. Be thankful for the time we have shared on this earth together, for it is our destiny to be joyous. Cry with all our hearts when the dark clouds of grief roll in, but when the storm has passed look up and allow the sun to dry our eyes. Where there is great love, there is never separation.

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