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  • Jon Ellis

GOSSIP - The Art Of Letting Go

A wise man once said, “Before we speak, we should consider three things, is it true, is it necessary, and is it kind. Unless what we have to say meets all three criteria, we should refrain from speaking.” If everyone abided by this simple wisdom, our world would be a much gentler and certainly less dramatic place. Some exhort that gossiping is only human, and just harmless fun. Circulating in the medical community, it is even said that there are even health benefits to be had from participating, like lowering one’s blood pressure. But gossip has a cruel dark side. It is like hurling an invisible rock at someone’s back, at a real person with feelings and emotions, one who is already suffering and going through a difficult time. If we were in their shoes, as we all have been, wouldn’t we want others to respect our space and to leave us be? Shouldn’t we extend the same courtesy and freedom to others?

If we are honest with ourselves, we would admit that we have all succumbed to gossiping. Regardless of whether what is being said is truthful, at minimum, gossip is unkind, at worst, it is a cowardly form of bullying, one which can undermine another’s confidence and balance with devastating effects. While those grossly unaware or armored in the cloak of spiritual strength may not be affected by this type of inner attack, if the target is empathic and vulnerable, if there are enough people sending negative energy their way, a sensitive person could easily be pushed to the brink of serious physical and or mental illness, or even acts of self-destruction. It is wise to remember that whether expressed in thoughts, words, or deeds, ‘any’ invasion of another’s psychic space is karmic and will carry a price. Similar to lying, gossip should be cut off at the root, before its tendrils metastasize into one of the many negative mind-addictions so prevalent in the human state of consciousness and society today.

If we are inwardly connected and listening, our intuitive guidance will dissuade us from taking pleasure in entertaining gossip. By returning goodwill for slanderous conjecture, by keeping our words and attention fixed on gratitude, love, and the flow of the Divine Creative Current, which moves through us, we will remain joyous, protected, and never in the position of being the effect of anything or anyone. If thought alone has great power, then imagine how powerful the words we speak about ourselves and others are. If we keep our thoughts pure and our words uplifting, when any negativity arrives at our shores, like a large stone cast our way, it will merely sink and not disturb the divine reflection and tranquil surface of our pond!

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