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  • Jon Ellis


What are we afraid of? What amazing life opportunities are we being held back from experiencing because of fear? While a little fear is natural, healthy, even necessary to keep our bodies safe, the destructive debilitating fear is anything but healthy. Left unchecked, it will eat across our lives like a wildfire, smothering all love, freedom and enjoyment, leaving only darkness and slavery in its wake. Fear of snakes, spiders, clowns, fire, heights, leaving the apartment, failure, commitment, the unknown, loss of control and of course death. The list of phobias and fears that chain people up is endless and diverse.

Often it is our parents who have programed us to adopt and accept their fears. Other times the causes of fear stretch well beyond this lifetime, psychic scars from past life traumas that we don’t remember. Experts on phobias and nightmares agree that we must stop running and turn to face the wolf. That only by confronting our fear will ‘fear’ lose its hold over us. While that is sound advice, it is also incredibly difficult, especially if we were torn apart by a pack of hungry wolves in a recent past life. So, just how does one overcome fear? The simplest way to let go of fear is by learning to identify with our true self.

While it is human to fear the unknown or what has hurt us in the past, know that we are far more than human. We are Soul, limitless eternal indestructible sparks of our Creator, diamonds of light that can’t be pierced, broken, burned, or destroyed by any force. Identify with that! As nothing in existence can harm or even touch our true essence without our permission, what is there to fear? ‘Nothing’! Once we realize and accept our royal heritage and our divine permanence, we will forever be free to fearlessly peruse our passions. Be kind and patient with ourselves, as change is a difficult process and transitioning from a fear-based life to one of freedom can take time. In the meantime, relax and allow ourselves the pleasure of enjoying each moment with full knowledge that, ‘We’, will always ‘Be’!

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