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  • Jon Ellis

FAILURE - The Art Of Letting Go

For many of us, even the word ‘failure’ elicits unpleasant feelings and emotions. Past echoes of discouraging and belittling voices well up only to drag us down, making us feel undeserving and incapable of achievement and happiness. These could originate from an emotionally damaged father or mother replaying their own parents voice, now telling us that we are stupid, talentless, and will never amount to anything. It could be the voice of a childhood art or music teacher who had given up on their own dream, now discouraging us from successfully pursuing ours. If we accept the negative advice offered, in time, the habitual and fearful compulsory expectation of giving up, or not trying at all, will become our reality.

A fledgling bird’s first flight, a newborn calf’s first attempts to stand, learning to ride a bike, all life stumbles, all unsuccessful attempts, no matter how many there are along the way, are anything but failures. They are, in fact, necessary steps in the vital process of accomplishment through achieving proficiency then mastery. Throughout time, every great artist, entrepreneur, and inventor has gone through hundreds of these so-called ‘failures’ before finally seeing their visions brought to light. While it feels satisfying to accomplish what we set out to do, and it is not to say that accomplishing our desired goals is not important, but we should remember that the most valuable lessons needed for our spiritual growth are garnered ‘along’ the journey to our goal and not from the achievement itself.

If we want to let go of the urge to give up, know that even accomplishing simple goals, like chores, are of great value. For each time we complete a goal or task we have set out to do, we close a circle. With each success we will become more confident. This will translate into making it easier to accomplish even more challenging goals. The process always begins by seeing our goal achieved in our mind’s eye. Know, with all our heart, that it will come to be, even if we don’t know how. When our path becomes obstructed with seemingly insurmountable boulders, remember to take a still moment to connect and contemplate. If we inwardly ask, “Is there is a better way to accomplish this particular goal?”, and then listen to the inner guidance offered, the Universe may show us a better angle or approach to simplify our process, or we may even be guided to choose a completely different path, one better suited to our spiritual needs and nature. While it is wisdom, not failure, to change direction when inwardly guided to do so, if one keeps trying, failure cannot exist!

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