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  • Jon Ellis


It is natural and human to desire what another person has created, usually through their hard work, persistence and talent. The difference between making such a desire a positive or negative energy in our lives comes down to whether it arouses the lower emotions of envy and self-pity or inspires our imagination motivating us to create a better life for ourselves. One who indulges in jealousy and resentment always believes that life is unfair and that they are simply unfortunate victims of circumstances beyond their control. The true cause of lack always originates with either our ignorance of the process of creating or our belief that we are incapable or undeserving of having a wonderful life.

Whether it is a mate we desire, a better job or a new house, the process is the same. Creating a life worthy of our dreams begins with being grateful for what we already have. The second step is to imagine our life as we wish it to be, as if it already exists. Believe with all our hearts that we are powerful, infinitely creative beings, imbued with the potential to manifest the creative current into anything we choose. If we are patient and our desires are in alignment with our best interest, they will come to be. If we desire someone beautiful to love and to love us, then know we must first believe that we are beautiful and worthy of that love.

We either trust the universe and its plan for us or we don’t. If we choose trust, then we will relax and take Spirit’s hand. The universe will gladly guide us along our path of truth, our spiritual journey to continuously evolve into the best version of ourselves. The key to success, however we define it, lies in the synergistic blending of our imaginative faculty with surrender. This combination will allow the best circumstances spiritually moving us forward to be realized. No matter how much fame or material abundance a Soul has manifested, no Soul is greater or above another, nor is it less. The Creator wants all its children to be joyous and fulfilled. Return the blessing and be happy for others fulfilling their dreams. A grateful person envies no one!

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