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  • Jon Ellis

CONTROL - The Art Of Letting Go

In a perfect world, the best laid plans would never stray left of center, everyone would always remember their lines exactly as they were written, and our happily-ever-after would turn out exactly as we imagined. But we do not live in a perfect world. We live in a perfectly imperfect world, one which was never designed or intended to bend to our will or cater to our wishes, simply because we desire it to. Lacking understanding of the basic underlying mechanism of cause and effect, coupled with deep-seated subconscious fears originating from past experiences where we felt powerless to change painful and tragic outcomes, man struggles, life after life, grasping for any semblance of control over fate. In severe cases, one’s inability to control one’s environment and oneself bleeds into a compulsion to control not only their lives, but the lives of all within their sphere of influence. Under these repressive conditions, free will and freedom will be crushed, and autocratic tyrants will be born.

For those Souls who have come to accept that controlling anything or anyone in this world, is simply not possible, it is understood that the only control we can ever hope to achieve is to maintain a positive attitude and reaction to what life brings our way and to do our very best to make wise choices. When we ignorantly attempt to force dominance over a situation, it is always to the detriment of achieving the best possible outcome. Working with the Creative Force is a wonderous and humbling experience, a true partnership infused with a blending of hard work, trust, love, gratitude, and surrender. Wisdom is the understanding that the miracles in life are only possible when we imagine the impossible, when we invite and then step out of Spirit’s way. Only then will we have the opportunity to become something far greater than anything we could have ever willed or imagined.

Empowered with the knowledge that we are imperishable diamonds and that the Creative Spirit always has our back, Soul will learn to fly, to confidently embrace and appreciate this great unknown that is life, to dream courageously, to stand on the very precipice of the great black void and to fearlessly take that final leap of faith into knowing, as it has always been our destiny to do. With wonder and awe relish these divinely inspired moments when we cannot know or control the outcome. In the great unformed unknown, far beyond our narrow human construct, trust and know that the infallible creative genius of the Grand Architect, through Its Divine Spirit, is always at play, showing through demonstration that Its way, is also our way. For only then will we come to realize that there is no greater mission or higher purpose in life, then to love all life unconditionally! The blessings will be, if we allow them!

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