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  • Jon Ellis


Anxiety is yet another one of the many unpleasant states of consciousness that one can

experience in human form. Anxiety is a condition, which left unmanaged can quickly cascade

into bouts of overwhelming and debilitating panic. Those who have experienced a full-blown

blinding panic attack, know that it is terrifying, causing us to feel as though we are unable to

breathe and only moments from leaving this Earth. The physical effects are so severe and

symptomatically similar to a heart attack, that many are rushed to the emergency room only

to be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. As levels of stress and uncertainty continue to rise

in society, so do the number of individuals experiencing anxiety and panic. Fortunately, the

condition is better understood now and there is no longer a stigma associated with it.

While living in a state of stress will certainly exacerbate anxiety, fear is always at its source.

Fear of losing control, of death, of having those things and Souls who are closest taken away,

are all common themes stemming from traumas suffered in this life or the past. Painful

events, which for survival, we have pushed into our subconscious, are now resurfacing and

manifesting into our outer lives in the form of anxiety. To thrive and make progress towards

a happier more peaceful life, we will need to go beyond avoiding triggers, coming to terms

with the root cause of our fear. While each of us is unique, many who suffer have been

greatly helped by professional counseling, medication, and most importantly a committed

approach of self-introspective spiritual work, utilizing meditation and contemplation.

By reducing stressful situations, connecting with nature, pursuing our passions, and accepting and respecting our individual needs, quirks, and qualities, we will all live a calmer, more joyous fulfilling life. On a moonless night we navigate a twisting confusing river filled with obstacles. Trust and surrender to the current which flows gently around the unseen rocks and shoals. When undergoing a bout of anxiety, bypass the monkeys of the mind focusing only on love and gratitude. Close our eyes and take slow, deep, deliberate breaths. Softly sing the ancient God sound…HUuuuuuu. If the feeling persists, know that like everything else in this world, it will pass. Every experience has a spiritual purpose, including anxiety.

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