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  • Jon Ellis


Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Anger is a fiery monster indeed! It is one of the more destructive and obvious of the five mind passions. It is typically born of a perceived injustice, one which elicits frustration, jealousy, contempt and if extreme enough, violence. Anger, has led many down a dark path to act rashly and make poor decisions, often with life-long consequences and implications. Those who allow this negative emotion to rule them become slaves to the negative. Channeling anger, to any degree, always creates an imbalance and a debt, one which will be called in time. Make no mistake about it, anger is karmic and it is the root cause of much hardship.

It is human to occasionally feel the fire of anger and frustration welling up. For many, from our past incarnations, we come into this life with a short-temper and a lack of patience and tolerance. This proclivity to anger easily will not be easy to change, but if we want to have a good life, it is essential that we make the effort. If we want a fantastic life, we will have to learn to let it go completely. When we begin to feel anger rising, it is helpful to inwardly step back and take a few deep breaths. Vow not to be the effect of others. In that moment, focus all our attention on everything in our life for which we are grateful. If that still doesn’t work, instead of trying to repress and choke it down, like a magician’s flash paper, let it burn up and dissipate. The faster we can let it out and move on, the less damage we will cause.

Once we become fully aware that the one who loses their temper, loses, letting go of anger can be easy. Understanding that we are only hurting ourselves and making our life more difficult and painful when we indulge in anger is the key. Realize that if others have offended or hurt us, it is only the boomerang of cause and effect at play. To respond in anger is only throwing the boomerang back out into the universe again. When we decide we are finished inflicting pain on ourselves, we will release anger. Smile, for the fault we see so clearly in another, which angers us, is but a reflection of ourselves. Look past the anger and hurt and learn to understand the spiritual lesson, for it is meant for us alone!

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