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  • Jon Ellis


“Are we where we want to be in life? Are our choices moving us forward or are they hindering us”? If we are not the people, we imagine we could and should be, if our outer life does not reflect the life we have been dreaming of, then we owe to ourselves to let go of the negative influences and habits that are dragging us down. Addictions are as complicated and diverse as the people who have them. While smoking, gambling, drugs, alcohol, eating unhealthy foods, and sexual addiction are just some of the more familiar destructive habits, self-judgment and negative thinking, are equally as addictive and damaging. Negative addictions, whether they are chemical, physical, or psychological in nature, all share a common effect, they will all inevitably diminish and undermine our health, our spirit and joy.

While the mind is an amazing computer, it is not intended or capable of discriminating as to whether an activity is in our best interest or not. Any repeated pattern of behavior forms a pathway or track, regardless of whether it involves healthy activities, such as physical exercise or taking vitamins or less desirable activities, like watching pornography and drinking. When our free will of choice has cut the mind track deep enough through repetition, the habit becomes fixed and the individual, like a marionette, has little choice, but to be strung along.

If we are unable to let go of addiction no matter how hard or often, we try, maybe the spiritual lesson here is to simply learn how to ask for help. It is not a weakness to recognize that we have developed a serious negative addiction, one that may require the help of a professional, but a sign of spiritual maturity, wisdom, and strength. It is sign that the sway of ego and stubborn willfulness of the lower self is losing its hold. As the director of our movie, it is up to us, Soul, our conscious aware selves, to make wise choices, to create healthy habits using the mechanical functions of the mind to our advantage. The daily practice of spiritual contemplation, gratitude, eating nutritious foods and pursuing healthy activities that we are passionate about, will undoubtedly forge a straight path to a successful spiritual life, one that is worthy of our divine nature. The only addiction, which Soul surrenders to is love!

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