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  • Jon Ellis

ABANDONMENT - The Art Of Letting Go

Fathers, mothers, guardians, partners, those who we have depended on the most, abruptly

taken from us when we are at our most vulnerable, those most trusted Souls who can no

longer endure what life serves, suddenly turn their back on their troubles and us, choosing to

run to a seemingly easier, prettier life. Blindsided, exposed, feeling rejected and confused, we are left behind on the jagged rocks of self-blame to gather up the fractured pieces of our lives and survive. While time marches on and children grow to become, by societies’ standards, well-adjusted productive adults, the emotional scars of abandonment looms like an iceberg in dark waters, one which has not only damaged our ship, but remains before us blocking our way forward to a happier life. Difficult to recognize and seated even deeper in the psyche is abandonment, which has followed us into this lifetime from the past.

Those who suffer abandonment issues often have little, if any, conscious memories of these

early childhood or past life traumatic losses, only recognizable, their effects, the inability to

trust and to open our hearts to love. Those who do recall, would easily choose physical pain

over what they have emotionally suffered and still endure. While there is no replacing or

getting back what was lost in our most formative years, to heal and to move on to a more

joyous human experience, we will have to learn how to forgive and trust the Universe again.

Since our inception, long before we acquired the capacity to perceive or understand, the

Source has always been and always will remain with each of us. While we may have turned

our back on others, the Creator has never forsaken us, Its most cherished creation, Soul.

If we can relax, breathe, invite, and allow the presence of the eternal Architect and Its Divine

aspect, Spirit, to become a part of our lives, it will make itself known in the most esoteric,

intimate and yet tangible, practical ways. On our long pilgrimage to awaken to our own

permanence, spiritual potential, and purpose, in each moment, in every facet of our lives, It

lives within each of us, quietly affording us protection, comfort, and guidance. Despite our

blind and often rebellious nature, unabated, It continues to unconditionally love and nurture

each of us, providing the gift of choice and all the necessary tools and experiences necessary

to rise in consciousness and increase our capacity to love. Becoming a loving coworker in the

upliftment of all life, is not only our destiny, it is who we are. One who is connected to the

permanent and exists in the center of all life can never be abandoned!

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