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  • Jon Ellis


The world is a tumultuous place, often filled with unexpected and uncontrollable change. While the Tempest rages outside, within each of us there can be found a place of solace, permanence, and peace. It is a journey and a process to get there, requiring intention and discipline. The rewards of taking the time to build our inner sanctuary are having a life of peace and contentment; a peace not dependent on outer conditions or circumstances, a peace far beyond the reach of fear and unhappiness. Is this not the Holy Grail and the highest achievement of Soul?

Our inner temple will not be a place to hide from the world, but rather a creative womb where we can purify and nourish our spiritual selves. In this place of non-judgment, through clarity and reflection we can create our outer world as we want it to be. Here we will contemplate actions, which will bring joy into our lives. Life is to be embraced passionately and met on our terms. We are in the flow of it regardless of whether we are miserable struggling against the current or happily swimming in the same direction. It is up to us to choose our direction and create the life we are seeking.

Contemplating, sitting still, listening to nature, quieting our outer selves, singing our love songs to our Creator are the stones and mortar, which construct the temple within. Paint, plant, dance, make music, smile and love. Hug life with a grateful heart as if it were the last moment of our existence. Invest in our spiritual selves because we are worth it and our happiness will spread out in circles to lighten even the darkest corners.

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