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  • Jon Ellis


I am a creator of my world and I am free. After all, that is our divine birthright. Through experience I have gained the wisdom to know that I am ‘never’ a victim. If I have created a pattern or circumstance in my life that is not to my liking, I take responsibility for it. Destiny is what I say it is, as I always have the ability to reinvent it.

When I close my outer eyes and imagine what my world will be, I set into motion a divine and primordial cycle. From my inner visions, expectations, and intentions stir the ‘Creative Spirit’, the building blocks of all life. From my imaginative conception, the smallest particles will begin to whir, attract, and align themselves to form my waking dream. Just as I carefully choose the colors on my art palette, with right discrimination, I carefully choose my inner visions knowing full well that what I imagine, positive or negative, will surely come to be.

Creation does not judge nor interfere, but merely seeks to fill the vessels we have forged with its living waters. The creative process should be a divine partnership between Soul and Spirit where hard rules and ego do not apply. That too is a choice. Inflicting our mind’s will power over creation is a fool’s errand and will only restrict the flow and diminish the result. By inviting Spirit in with an open heart to actively participate in this process, by inwardly listening to Its guidance, by being childlike, random and fluid, the ultimate manifestation of our waking dreams will be far greater than we alone could have ever imagined.

So with passion and disciplined effort I confidently step forward along my path. While I may be the director of my life, I am surrendered to my truth that Creative Spirit is the Master and I am gratefully and humbly its life apprentice. Together we will joyously continue to grow and expand and to create great masterpieces worthy of my precious time and greatest effort.

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