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  • Jon Ellis


Art of the circle

If today was my last day in this physical world would I leave with any regrets? Did I leave anything unfinished, any open circles, which would fill my consciousness with remorse? Do all the people I care about know how much I love them? There is no perfect life, only life. As imperfect as we are, we are each doing our best in our unique circumstances to find balance and fulfillment. As far as time goes, time goes…we get what we get and whatever that is; every moment is a precious gift to be cherished, shared, and celebrated, even if it is imperfect, short, painful, and broken. Learning is a process of endless possibilities and we are each a unique work in progress.

Every ending is a new beginning. When one circle is closed the process will begin anew. Every failed attempt, every crash and burn is a growth opportunity, a learning experience affording Soul new raw materials to gather up to reinvent ourselves. With creative vision, even a circle of stones lying like old bones in a barren field of dirt can become the heart center of a new paradise. If I can dream something wonderful, I can create a new reality filled with life, joy and color.

We are Soul, an eternal resilient divine spark of our creator imbued with all Its power and potentiality to manifest our inner visions. While I may never feel that there is ‘enough’ time for everything or anything, it is up to me to make the best use of it regardless. While time maybe an illusion, there is only so much of it and in this world when it is almost gone, it is a valuable commodity. If I would have any regret, it would be from squandering time on activities I do not enjoy, by allowing fear of failure to serve as an excuse to sideline myself from life. Even if I hit walls, I will embrace my life with full force! With reckless abandon I will live fearlessly with without regret! I will live in the moment pursuing my passions as if today is my last day!

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