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  • Jon Ellis


Constructing the foundation of a great life takes patience, conscious effort and disciplining of the mind. While the mind is a poor master, under our ‘Soul’ direction, it is a most useful tool. Understanding how the mind functions is critical to creating the life we dream of. Through repetition of outer activities and inner thought processes, the mind will mechanically begin to etch grooves or lay tracks, which our lives will then run along like a train or a needle on a record. Once these tracks are unconsciously or consciously established, they will direct the course of our lives and the destinations we arrive at. This functionality can either assist us on our journey to a better life or dramatically hinder us. The choice is always ours.

If our fears, insecurities, and negative habits are left to run wild, they will dictate the direction of our path and it will not be reasonable to expect a positive outcome. Creating destructive habits, such as drinking too much, eating the wrong foods, dating the wrong people or feeling sorry for ourselves, can only lead to ill health and unhappiness.

As all journeys begin with the first step, in each moment we will find many opportunities to pursue our passions and lay fresh track towards new destinations. Through purposeful ‘positive’ patterns of thought and action, life will have no choice, but to propel us forward towards a life filled with love, light, freedom and beauty. If I desire to repurpose a group of old concrete blocks into a beautiful pond and transform a sandy scorched fire ant farm in a jungle paradise, I need only imagine that world and work towards creating it. We are all children of a bountiful loving Creator and we will always be provided the tools and materials necessary to forge the life we choose, that we deserve; a life reflecting our divine nature.

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