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Letting go of depression is a hypocritical statement, one which I have addressed here with great respect and reservation. Those who are unfamiliar with depression and have never experienced it, may say that happiness is a choice. Suggesting such a thing to a person suffering from depression would be like telling a person missing legs that if he only chose to, he could grow his legs back again. At its worst, severe depression is so debilitating and physically painful, that it can wipe away all purpose and pleasure in life until the individual either seeks professional help, finds some relief, or commits the ultimate self-destructive act. While medication and professional therapy can be very useful, depression is often still felt.

By ‘letting go’, I am referring more to a coming into an agreement, an understanding, and an acceptance of one’s depression. To find a place where depression is no longer overwhelming and some measure of hope and enjoyment can still be found. While nothing will miraculously take away the darkness, it may be helpful to remind ourselves that we are Soul having a human experience and that having depression is a human experience, one shared by millions of people around the world. All illness and afflictions, including depression, originate and reside in the mind, in the emotions, and in the physical body. Depression is never a part of who we are as Soul. As only the Creator and its Creation, you and I, are permanent, like all things, even the severest depression will one-day be left behind.

There is no escaping our lives or the effects of past choices that have led to our present conditions. At best we can take responsibility, accept ourselves and understand that each moment is a sacred gift to be cherished, for in each moment we are given the golden opportunity to recreate our future. Instead of allowing depression to pull and keep us prisoner in a dark corner, use mindful ‘Soul’ directed focus to lead ourselves back into the light. Practice the art of focusing our attention only on what we are grateful for, only on the activities that fill our hearts with joy, only on those we love and cherish. Smile and shine for those blue-sky days or even moments when we are not feeling sunk in the mud. While depression may be part of our experience, depression is not a part of us!

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