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  • Jon Ellis


What makes a Visionary stand out from the crowd? Creative visionaries, great artists and ingenious inventors are not afraid to be different, to explore new ideas and new ways of looking at things. Visionaries are passionate and dedicated to their purpose. They do not waste time and energy considering that society often rewards such efforts with ridicule, jealousy and contempt. History reflects that for their sacrifice and contributions made for the upliftment of mankind, in their lifetimes, they rarely received the recognition they deserve.

These ‘groundbreakers’ who changed the world, whether through art or invention, were unconcerned with the opinions of others or the attainment of fame or wealth. Most remained humble, too busy fulfilling an inward ‘calling’ which inspired them to continue past a labyrinth of obstacles and repeated failures. This ‘calling’ is none other than ‘love’. They were motivated by love for what they were doing and for what they were trying to achieve.

Just who are these visionaries? They are us. If we are not limiting ourselves with negative thinking and self-judgement, we are each capable of a great achievement. If we feel unmotivated, inadequate or unsure what our purpose in life is, then maybe we should stop thinking and just start doing. Begin with something we enjoy! Even if we feel less than average at it, slowly but surely, we will improve and if it is right for us the universe will guide us into our destiny. What activities and interests bring us happiness and self-satisfaction? Chances are whatever they are, that is where we will discover our hidden talents, as well as our purpose in life. If nothing more, we will have some fun along the way!

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